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How to encrypt and password protect a PDF

This short guide will demonstrate how you can protect your PDF by encrypting it. The only way that someone can open and read the contents of the PDF is by typing the password you defined. In summary, the process is the following:

  1. Upload a PDF
  2. Define the password
  3. Downloading the encrypted PDF

First, head over to the homepage and click on "Encrypt PDF" button or you can go directly to the encrypt PDF page. In the next screen, choose the PDF you want to encrypt by clicking "Browse" and click "Proceed" to upload it.

In the next screen, type the password you want to apply to the PDF and then click "Proceed".

Within a few seconds, your PDF will be processed by our system and be ready for you to download it. You will be automatically navigated to the downloads page. Click on the download document button to download the PDF to your device, and that's it!

To read the encrypted PDF, the reader will now require to enter the password that you defined.

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